These designer watches are perfect gifts or purely for self-indulgence! Created in 1993 by French designer Jean-Chrisophe Mareschal, each AKTEO watch is based on theme - the arts, professions, civilisations, nature, family, love, astronomy, sports, games...Each design is unique but they all have in common the same manufacturing quality, sophistication of design and attention to details. Exclusively French, AKTEO watches are made with respect for the horology tradition in Besancon.


AKTEO is distributed by the following business:


03/12/2015 - Sheryl7 said :

Where can I get green band for my Akteo gardening watch

08/05/2015 - naxiely.hernandez said :

HI, i´m in mèxico and i woul´d like to buy 1,500 watches of arquitect and engineering, were con i ask for a quote?

19/09/2014 - rjkarma105 said :

Need a watch band for Akteo. Does anyone know where I can purchase one. Thanka

19/11/2013 - class1957 said :

Need watch bands for nurse watch and one for football. Want the orginal band with the name on the side.

26/06/2013 - rytanioka said :

My wife bought me a Akteo J C Mareschal for graduation from dental school in 1977. It has dental tools on the face. It has recently stopped working and I believe I need a whole new mechanism. I tried changing the battery but it hasn't helped. Do you repair old watches? The watch holds great sentimental value.
Ralph Tanioka in California USA.

04/05/2013 - micken_478 said :

whats the difference between akto watch and akteo? 'm confused they have same trademarks..

21/03/2013 - gsyracusa said :

i am in the usa where can i buy a Atkeo finance watch

29/03/2012 - missroadrash said :

how do i look at the selection that you have just want to brose i hav a hallowen watch made by your company with blue/grey bakground silver castel and a ghost flying with a tourch and a bat as the second hand could you tell me how to find out information on this paticular watch

23/10/2011 - danhagberg_ said :

If you want to buy AKTEO watches and for good price, this is my recommendation:

Rellay cheap price, even though shipping is not for free,
They have all the models as well,
All the best
Dan Hagberg

14/09/2010 - scarlet00 said :

where can a purchase a red leather watch band for my akteo nurse watch, need 20mm regular for a women


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