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   Jean-Baptiste Rautureau

Men's shoes line designed by J.B. Rautureau.

Jean-Baptiste Rautureau is distributed by the following business:


04/08/2012 - rcabarcas said :

Thanks abecaglia....your feedback was greatly appreciated.

24/01/2012 - abecaglia said : mark * * * * *

J.B Rautureau is a French brand.The Jean-Baptiste Rautureau brand is defined by its creators as "the ultimate range of original yet practical shoes for the modern man". Guy and Yvon Rautureau are the fourth generation of a family of cobblers who have worked in the French region of Vendée since 1870. They are the brains behind the Jean-Baptiste Rautureau range of luxury men's shoes and are committed to creating footwear that fuses quality and originality. The brand's trump card is the Goodyear manufacturing process, a mark of strength and comfort in keeping with the tradition of the bootmakers.

Shoes are of excellent quality - especially the limited editions.

08/03/2011 - rcabarcas said :

I recently purchased a pair of 'limited edition' Jean-Baptiste Rautureau dress oxfords from Ebay. The shoes are in almost mint condition and retail for over $589 USD. To best describe them, they are all black oxfords with perforations throughout the entire shoe.

Can anyone tell me more about these and the designer? I own many high end shoes but have never heard of such designer. From what I see, I am a very fortunate person to have purchased them through Ebay.

Looking forward to someone helping me out with some of the questions I have or getting me in touch with perhaps the company.


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