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Easter Egg
Life and Style

Where to buy the best Easter eggs?

By No author

Easter is approching, and the French chocolateries in London have all baked the most extraordinary, creative and tasty Easter eggs for you. But with Easter, also come the usual worries: What should I buy? What should I do if they do not like chocolate? How to find original eggs without it being too much out of my league? Here is a selection of the finest eggs, truffles or other desserts.

Easter Egg

La Maison du Chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat, with over thirty years of expertise, is a very prestigious French chocolate boutique. They offer handmade chocolates using the finest and freshest ingredients, reediting the classics and reeinventing new collections each year. Here is a selection of our favourites. 

Frison et Frisette the new 2013 collection


Frisoton et Frisette, this little sheep couple is a real delight for young children. Made by hand, these latest creations are available if you contact the boutique





Ganache Eggs Box


La Maison du Chocolat's speciality is the ganache egg. The black chocolate eggs have delicate bitter notes and the milk chocolate ones have biscuits flavours.




Easter Nest Box


This round box has a praline egg in it hidden in a real egg coquille. It is sourrounded by many praline eggs.  





The gift box of 4 Marquises and Marquis Eggs


A splendid gift box filled with 4 small Marquis and Maquise Chocolate Eggs



The Marshmallow Chocolate Hens


Dark chocalate hen filled with coconut marshmallow milk chocolate hen filled with hazelnut marshmallow





To order an egg, please contact:


Jeff de Bruges

Leading French Chocolatier Jeff de Bruges has now opened its flagship boutique in the heart of Mayfair in London's South Molton Street. By combining the culinary culture of Belgian Chocolate and the chic flamboyancy of French chocolate, it constantly explores new avenues for new recipes and new ideas.

Peel Chocolate Barquette

Enjoy these chocolate barquettes sprinkled with dry fruit peel in a very natural barquette. 

Prices start from £13.00 for 250g


Farm Chocolate Box 

These small farm animals all made in chocolate would be perfect for the youngest kids. 

From: £6.00


Jeff de Bruges Boutique in London: 

13 South Molton Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 0207 409 0213


Easter desserts

You do not like chocolate? You want to please everybody? Or you just please your guests with a delicious dessert. French patisseries in London have many delicacies to offer. 



For Easter, Paul has baked more than twenty chocolates and desserts, and new recipes too, including a new chocolate mille feuille, a rabbit-shaped cake covered with milk chocolate eggs.



Check out Paul's boutique for more information about the products. 



The Chocolate and Yuzu Saint Honoré

Both original and intense the Chocolate and Yuzu Saint Honoré is Ladurée's special creation for this chocolate celebration. 

Individual: £6.90 

For 6 people: £48.50


The Chocolate and Yuzu Macaron

Two delicate shells of macarons holding a surprising chocolate and yuzu ganache. 

Each: £1.60


02/04/2013 - ljablonowska said :

I went to Jeff de Bruges 2 weeks ago to buy Easter eggs and it had closed down with no sign about relocation on its door. Has it moved to another number in South Molton Street?


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