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Lance Armstrong

An anti-hero soon on screen, is Lance Armstrong doping for success again?

By Adrienne Benassy

Thanks to organizing the most advanced, professional and effective doping program ever seen, Lance Armstrong went from being the Tour de France champion to the sport anti-hero, but his story will never stop being a worldwide success. 

The ex-champion's wall of silence fell

The ex-king of cycling acknowledged in a television interview with Oprah Winfrey that he had doped himself when he won the Tour de France - something he acheived seven times. Deprived of most of his titles, the Texan compared his exclusion from the competition as a "death penalty". His legal and financial future remains uncertain.

Facing new doping charges

These confessions expose him to the risk of prosecution by the U.S. government to whom he may have to reimburse the money they gave him for winning seven races between 1999 and 2005. His former insurer, SCA, also asked him to return $12 million and U.S. Postal Service wants to recover $30 million it had invested in his team. The cyclist, hoping to avoid prison and bankruptcy, had strategically chosen to confess on January 17, which was the deadline for American justice to back up his former partner’s complaint. Nevertheless, the Court asked for additional time, increasing the uncertainty surrounding Lance Armstrong’s future.

Still a cancer hero

For his supporters, the former godfather of cycling remains a hero. In his defence, Lance Armstrong has remarkably increased the popularity of cycling in the world while contributing to fight against cancer through his foundation, Livestrong.

A damaged but on-going success story

Whether he is despised or loved, Lance Armstrong is undeniably a success story. His biography, The Fall of Lance Armstrong, written by Juliet Macur, New York Times journalist, could soon be adapted to film. Paramount and Bad Robot have teamed up to buy the rights of the book. 


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