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French Dentists in London

By FranceInLondon

When I first came to England, in the early eighties, I worked for Unilever (the multinational that makes Signal toothpaste, one of the most recognised brands in the world). One of the great perks of the job was to be able to get free regular dental check ups courtesy of the company. If you sell toothpaste, the last thing you want is having your employees going around toothless! I was of a generation that started getting fillings sometimes as young as five. Dental hygiene in the 50s and 60s had nothing in common with dental hygiene, now especially in France, where the average yearly purchase of toothbrushes and toothpaste, was one every two years and one tube a year respectively. Even today, on average, French people only change their toothbrush 1.5 times per year when it should be changed every three months. Furthermore, we would get sweets before going to bed and not brush our teeth again afterwards. In the UK, children had been used to being given bottles containing sweet drinks and thus children had often, by a young age, already lost a few teeth.

The dentist I saw then on a beautiful afternoon of September 1982, was busy checking my teeth and was amazed by the quality of the work my French dentist had previously carried out in France. Until then, I had no idea that there could be a difference between French and English dentists and I was delighted to hear that my pervious dentist was actually a real artist.

However, the dentist I was seeing now was less impressed by the plaque that had accumulated over the years and the fact that I had never seen a hygienist. What on earth was that? I had never heard of hygienists before because as far as my teeth were concerned my dentist looked after them from A to Z. He would not only do all the necessary repairs required but would also remove plaque if needed. This was of course something that English dentists would not carry out themselves and left to the hygienist. My dentist had never talked me through using dental floss or explained to me the correct brushing techniques. It seems that I had some major gaps in my knowledge of teeth cleaning.



All these years later, dental hygiene has moved on tremendously thanks to toothpaste manufacturers. In order to sell more products, they embarked on a whole education process from antenatal classes to schools and have ensured that customers understood the importance of regular teeth cleaning and check ups from a very young age. As a result, today, fillings have nearly become a thing of the past for children. For instance, none of my three children, all aged between before 17 and 24, have ever had a filling. So what made the difference apart from eating and drinking less sweet things and brushing their teeth regularly? They have seen a dentist once a year ever since they were two years old as well as seeing a hygienist every six months. As they grew up, they also had their newly formed teeth covered with a protective coating and as soon as orthodontic problems got spotted, something was done about it. The result is amazing: A perfect Hollywood Smile!

As for me, it is of course too late, my lack of dental hygiene as a child means that my teeth are already too damaged. However, reducing the speed of decline is my aim. I have already painfully experienced many aspects of dentistry; from filling to devitalisation and from extraction to bridge work. There are still a few things I have yet to try out and some of them are already on the cards, although I am not necessarily looking forward to it.

I discovered of course, that apart from tooth decay, as you get older, the risk of losing your teeth comes mostly from poor dental hygiene and gum disease.


Dr Albine Mignot Schmitz – Bayswater and the City

Dr Mignot Schmitz, a French dentist living and practicing in London, talked to us about PERIODONTAL DISEASE and how important it is to ensure both the teeth and the gums are looked after. Gum disease, affects all the tissues supporting the teeth: the gums, the ligaments and the alveolar bone.

Dr Mignot Schmitz pointed out that:  “Once considered inevitable and with no real action availbable to stop its effect, these conditions now in fact have well developed treatment and tangible success rates when looked after by a dentist.
The main cause of these diseases is dental plaque, a whitish product that accumulates on your teeth.

If this deposit is not removed it can be transformed in less than two days in a substance that is harder tartar. Calculus is so hard that only professional cleaning can eliminate it.

If this tartar forms below the gum on the roots of teeth, plaque removal is even more difficult, increasing the risk of periodontal disease.

Untreated periodontal disease can lead to:

• bad breath
• gums being red, oedematous and bleeding
• loss of teeth
• an unsightly smile

61, Bayswater road
W2 3PH
Tel. 020 7706 1116
Salisbury House,
Suite 1,
31 Finsbury Circus
Tel. 020 7638 6600


Finding a good dentist is something that everyone is keen to do when moving to a new country. The last thing one wants is having to resort to emergency work, particularly in the hands of a total stranger. But where do you start? Luckily, with an ever increasing French population in London, the number of French dentists establishing themselves here is also on the up.


Dr Candice Weinberg – St John’s Wood

Dr Candice Weinberg who graduated in Paris opened her dental practice in Golders Green.
Before that, she had practiced in Paris for five years. Dr Weinberg came here because she was keen to bring to London the benefits from the finest know-how and quality of French dentistry.

She treats both adults and children. As a general practitioner she also focusses on all types of care:

- hygiene, cleaning, scaling
- composite feelings
- child care, paediatric dentistry : prevention, sealant, fluoride varnish
- prosthodontics : ceramic crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers...

- aesthetic dentistry

- Teeth withening

- gum disease

Dr Candice Weinberg
Dental Surgeon- Chirurgien Dentiste
7 North End Road

London NW11 7RJ
M 07917834533 (French Spoken)
T 02084584455 (English Spoken)


French Dental Practice of London – Harley Street

In a different area of London, you will find the French Dental Practice of London. It is located at the very centre of the prestigious medical specialists street, at 100 Harley Street. Dr. Bertrand Larmoyer and his French team, offer the whole range of dental care, from simple (check-up, scaling, and tooth decay) to sophisticated (implant and all-ceramic crowns or bridges).


The London Smile Clinic
The London Smile Clinic

The practice operates the highest standard of sterilization policies and is accredited by the CQC (Care Quality Commission).

The use of top of the range equipment and the latest techniques ensures the provision of high quality care.

To maintain this level of requirement, Dr. Larmoyer regularly attends scientific sessions of academies of which he is a long lasting member : the AACD, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the AAID, American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

In addition to regular treatments, Dr. Larmoyer has dedicated his practice towards the dental implant care for replacing missing teeth, and cosmetic dentistry, thanks to the porcelain veneers that create the very much sought after “perfect Hollywood smile ".

CEREC technology allows for crowns and ceramic inlays to be fitted in a single session (no waiting whilst sending to the dental laboratory and have to return 15 days  later)

The French Dental Practice of London
100 harley street
London W1G 7JA
Tel. 02079357815


Dr Marie Heintz – South Kensington

Dr Marie Heintz arrived in London less than a year ago and she particularly welcomes children and pregnant woman.

She has written a thesis about pregnancy and gum disease and the link between gum disease and premature deliveries. She strongly recommends that to avoid any problems, a dental check up should be carried out before or at the beginning of any pregnancy.

She told us that she especially enjoys meeting the little ones from the age of 5 to teach them how to take care of their teeth and identify as early as possible any potential orthodontics problems they may have.

Dr Marie Heintz runs a general dentistry practice and treats gum diseases, and offers teeth aesthetical process with white fillings and prosthesis (ceramic crown and bridge), veneers and chair side whitening.

Medicare Français
3 Harrington Gardens
London SW74JJ
Tel. 020 7370 4999


13/09/2016 - connspiretoreignite said :

What about The Dentist Gallery ( - I think they classify themselves as being a French dentist in London. They are very unique and combine modern art and music with dentistry.

02/09/2016 - julie.ennos said :

Je me permet de rajouter à votre liste le Dr Laura Sadone qui est à South Kensington, et avec qui j'ai eut une super experience.

29/01/2015 - fveriepe said :


Je recommande egalement le Dr Pauline Abitbol, basee pres de Baker Street au sein du cabinet The Ivory Dental Studio.

Ce serait bien de pouvoir l'integrer a votre liste car c'est vraiment une super dentiste !

Son site est le suivant:

Bonne journee

09/03/2013 - maximewyler said :

Dear Sirs,

I am currently a student in 3rd year of dental surgery in Strasbourg, I am looking for an internship in London during this summer.
I obtained a scientific high school diploma, with honours and trilingual European distinction , and have been in England and in the USA several times.
I am looking forward to practising my future job, this is why, I intend to dedicate a part of my summer to a practical internship, as well as to be prepared for the coming clinical years. Moreover I dream of practising in London when I am a dentist.
So, I really wish to improve my linguistic knowledge in the field of my future profession. I hope to have a positive response to my query.
Furthermore I am in London until 12 March, and I will be at your disposal for any meeting with you or your representative.
Should you wish so, I can also transmit you my Curriculum Vitae and a reference letter of one of my professors of the university of dental surgery of Strasbourg.

Yours faithfully


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