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Axelle Lemaire

Results for the Second Round of the French Parliamentary Elections

By France

François Hollande received a clear majority and is now free to move forward and form his government before getting on with his programme of reforms.  For the first time during the 5th Republic, the  Socialiste Party will be controlling both the Asssemblée nationale and the Senate.

More specifically, in total, 8 out of the 11 new seats created for the French living abroad have been won by the left.

In Northern Europe, Axelle Lemaire (PS) was elected with a 54.8% majority against Emmanuelle Savarit (UMP) who achieved 45.2% with less than 21% of registered voters in Northern Europe taking part in the second round. However, it certainly showed that people had, to a certain extent, lost interest in the whole election process. In London, the level of abstentions was even higher with only 18.4% taking part.
In total, 8 out of the 11 new seats created for the French living abroad have been won by the left.

How did London vote?

Emmanuelle Savarit and Axelle Lemaire arrived neck and neck with 49.8% and 50.2% respectively.


Segolene Royal suffers a massive blow with only 37% of the electorat of La Rochelle voting for her.

Guéant is beaten in Boulogne Billancourt

Marine Le Pen loses by 14 votes at Henin-Beaumont but her 22-year old niece is elected and becomes the youngest MP in Parliament. Her grandfather, Jean-Marie Le Pen was also the youngest MP in 1956 when he was first elected.

Francois Bayrou is not re-elected and leaves the Assemblée.


19/06/2012 - pamela_mayorcas said :

Felicitations, Axelle!

19/06/2012 - annesoares said :

Felicitations, Mademoiselle!


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