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Nicolas Sarkozy wants to clamp down on tax exiles and make them pay

By FranceInLondon

Nicolas Sarkozy announced on Monday evening on French TV that tax exiles will be made to pay tax to the French government euqal to the tax they avoid paying by living abroad. He added however that this would not concern French expats who have moved abroad for professional reasons.

The presidential candidate has said that he wants to clamp down on tax exiles and proposed a tax linked to nationality. This system is already in place in the US for Americans who live abroad but who wish to remain US citizens.

Nicolas Sarkozy added that “Anyone who left France to avoid paying taxes will need to show how much tax they are paying abroad. If this amount is less than what it would be in France, then they will have to pay the difference.”

He also gave his definition of a tax exile: “A tax exile is someone who wants to keep his nationality but does not want to stay in France for tax reasons. Keep all the advantages and none of the drawbacks.” He threatened: “ Well, they are about to have a big surprise.”

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, his spokes person, has clarified that it was not about “taking away nationality”. “If they don’t pay, the taxman will be going after them (…) If however, they want to be exempt from this new measure, they are welcome to take another nationality”.

Nicolas Sarkozy has confirmed that he did not want to touch the expats’ current fiscal status when they moved abroad for professional reasons. He pointed out that there were currently 2 million French nationals living outside France who are working to expand business in important markets on their country's behalf. He also mentioned diplomatic staff who are posted abroad. “ These French nationals, I don’t want their fiscal and legal status to be changed in any way, shape or form.”

French expats in London:  be sure to keep a close eye on what comes next! You might have to consider becoming British.

Here is a list of 44 French tax exiles living in Switzerland according to the Swiss Magazine Bilan

- Famille Wertheimer(Chanel...)

- Famille Castel (Thonon, Saint-Yorre,Vichy Célestin, "33 export...)

- Famille Primat (Schlumberger Limited)

- Benjamin de Rothschild (Groupe financier Edmond de Rotschild)

- Famille Peugeot (Groupe PSA)

- Famille Lescure (Seb, Tefal, Rowenta, Krups, Moulinex, Calor... )

- Famille Bich (Groupe Bic)

- Famille Mimran (Compagnie sucrière sénégalaise...)

- Héritiers Louis-Dreyfus (Groupe Louis-Dreyfus, Olympique de Marseille)

- Claude Berda (Fondateur du groupe AB Prod)

- Paul-Georges Despature (Damart...)

- Famille Murray

- Nicolas Puech (Hermès...)

- Familles Defforey et Fournier (Carrefour)

- Famille Zorbibe (Lancel)

- Roger Zannier (Z, Kenzo, Kookaï, Oxbow, Chipie...)

- Famille Lejeune (SEITA...)

- Philippe Jabre (Jabre Capital Partners)

- Famille Harari

- Famille Taittinger (Champagne Taittinger)

-Alexandra Pereyre de Nonancourt (Champagne Laurent-Perrier)

- Denis Dumont (Enseigne Grand Frais)

- Michel Lacoste (Vêtements Lacoste)

- Georges Cohen (Groupe Sogeti)

- Nicole Bru-Magniez (Laboratoire UPSA)

-Michel Reybier (Cochonou, Aoste, Justin Bridou...)

- Alain Duménil (Acanthe Développement)

- Bruno Moineville (Réseaux câblés de France)

- Antoine Zacharias (Vinci)

- Hugues de Montfalcon de Flaxieu (Maxiris)

- Christian Picart (Buffalo Grill)

- Jean Pigozzi (Simca)

- Michèle Bleustein-Blanchet (Publicis)

- Thierry Roussel

- Daniel Hechter (Hechter)

- Philippe Hersant (Groupe Hersant presse)

- Paul Dubrule (Accor)

- Jean Louis David (Coiffure)

- Maurice et David Giraud (Pierre et Vacances)

- Eric Guerlain (Groupe Christian Dior)

- Famille Ducros (Ducros)

- Jérôme De Witt (Horlogerie De Witt)

- Dominique Frémont (Mauboussin)


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