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Moving to Paris or London: 5 Steps to a Successful Move

By Lopa


A decision about moving always requires a lot of consideration and once taken it is crucial to prepare oneself in the best possible way. One of the most important things to do is not only finding a professional and reliable removal company but also choosing the right type of service that will best suit your needs.

Step 1: Selecting a Removal Company

When selecting a removal company it is of course a good idea to ask your friends and family if they can recommend a firm. It is also strongly recommend carrying out an internet search. You should look for reviews on well-known websites. For example:, Qype, LinkedIn etc.

Step 2: Preparing your Brief for a Quote without Surprises

It is very important to establish correctly the volume of the goods to be transported, as it will help determine the type of service for which you should opt: for instance a part load removal to Paris or a fullhouse removals to Paris.

Companies usually quote based on m3 (cubic meter) – but don’t worry you won’t need to estimate the volume yourself. Once you have provided them with the details: a list of furniture, the number of boxes and their approximate measurements, they will be able to calculate the overall volume for you. You can do this either via email or on the phone. For more complicated moves it is strongly recommended to ask the company to visit your home and estimate the volume on the spot – but make sure that this visit is free and with no obligation (most of companies offer this service).

Step 3: Getting the Right Service for you Needs

Once the volume is established you can decide what kind of service is the most convenient and cost effective for you.

There are three types of services: part load removals to Paris, courier service to Paris and dedicated removals to Paris. The difference between them is that in case of part loads - suitable for small removals to Paris (below 8 m3) you share the space on the van with others while with the dedicated service, best for large volumes (over  8m3) your load is the only one. In addition part load service takes longer to complete, so you must be flexible with the dates, but you can get really competitive prices for the transport. Part load service is a great solution for small removals, shop collections, luggage deliveries and motorbike transport to Paris. In terms of the dedicated service you get to choose the dates yourself (subject to availability), but the cost of the removal will be higher. Courier service on the other hand is based on the same/next day delivery, kerb to kerb. It is the best for parcels – especially if they need to be delivered urgent, but the cost for this service is often very high.

The main conclusion is that by establishing the volume to be transported correctly and putting some effort into the briefing process it will save you money in the long run.


Step 4 : Getting a Written Quote

Once you have completed your shortlist and prepared your brief including all the points mentioned above, contact at least three companies to ask them for a quote which you will then be able to compare. Remember to ask them precisely what the quotation for your removal from London to Pariscovers (VAT, insurance etc.). For instance, many companies offer ground floor to ground floor delivery as a standard service and a door to door option costs extra – make sure to find out exactly what the service will be. Note however that if you live above ground floor  in case of your furniture transport to Paris itwill be probably worth paying extra  to avoid having to take your heavy furniture upstairs yourself.

Step 5: Selecting the Best Removal Firm for the Job

Once you have received all the quotes, you can then compare like and like. By following all the previous points, you will have insured that the quotes you are getting are comparable and this will help you decide on both the price you will have to pay and the service you will be getting.

One point to remember is that the quality of the information you will have provided will have an impact on the quality of the quote you will be receiving.

Once you have selected a firm, bear in mind that it is also critical to provide the company with all the necessary details relating to the picking up and delivery of your goods such as parking restrictions, correct delivery address, etc…

The vast majority of removal companies reserve the right to forfeit any responsibility for penalty charges. This is generally stated in their Terms & Conditions. It is therefore wise to check beforehand if they are any parking restrictions in front of the property where the goods are to be delivered. Make sure that you get a parking permit/vehicle dispensation for the moving day if required. The cost varies enormously and depends on the area and the kind of dispensation needed. It is usually between £16 and £48 in a red zone.


Remember: it is not worth booking the whole van if you can take advantage of a part load service to Paris.  This will save you money and will give you a kick start for you to enjoy your new life in Paris!


23/06/2015 - stevethompson459 said :

Hundreds of removals companies are there in the London, so finding one is not that hard. The hard part is finding the reliable one. You make sure you will choose only the authorized firms for your job. Talk to friends and relatives are good way to get references else there are online sites like where you can browse through numerous local and national level London removal companies and many other services.


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