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Let's Talk Business!

"Let's talk business!" The survival guide for the Businessman

By Clara Augereau

'Parlons Affaires ! Let’s Talk Business!'
'The survival Guide for the Businessman'

by Bruno Bernard & Florence Dasty


An illustrated dictionary to help French-speakers go further with business vocabulary and to be the perfect business men/women!

If during a conversation, someone tells you: « the two teams drew! »

If your colleague informs you, panic-stricken: « Gosh! My car has just broken down! »

If someone asks you: « What’s my balance? » and you don’t have a clue of what he is talking about …

When your interlocutor tells you: « I’m peckish », and embarrassed you don’t know what he is saying…

Then, you definitely need this survival guide for the businessman!


Being fluent in English when you are a businessman is now a requirement. With the guide, Let’s Talk Business! The authors (Florence Dasty, English professor and Bruno Bernard, an expert in international trade) put forward a large fringe of English expressions, all related to the business world and daily life."

 What is the originality of this memento? It is all illustrated.

From trips to business diners, from meetings to negotiations, this guide gives you tips on how to excel and be well-prepared to succeed in your daily business dealings!


The first part talks about "business" expressions: phone calls, in the office, presentations… everything is gone over. You also learn how to make a professional letter, complain by email etc…
The second part is on business travel and gives glimpses of some useful phrases when taking the plane, train, or staying in a hotel. Then, with the “home sweet home” section, you go through all the daily expressions, how to search a TV program, prepare your shopping list…
Next, with the « in town » section, you learn how to make your bank transactions, go into hospital, to the post office, to the theatre... all these expressions that you need to know perfectly so that everyone understands you in your daily life! Leisure and transports are as well reviewed, and if the driver asks you “Buckle up!” don’t take it the wrong way, he just wants to be sure that you have fastened your seat belt! The book ends with expressions (sometimes colloquial ones) on many subjects such as measures, numbers, current initials and abbreviations, as well as a summary of grammatical rules.


A few expressions…


I’m going to hand over now to my colleague.

Je vais céder la parole à mon collègue.


It seems rather fishy!

Cela ne me semble pas très catholique !


That was a tough nut to crack!

Ce n’était pas de la tarte !


The meeting was a cock-up!

La réunion a complètement foiré !


30/09/2011 - bruno.bernard said :

il est disponible et à nouveau en stock à la librairie La Page Kensington

02/09/2011 - f.dasty said :


Mon co-auteur et moi-même serons à la librairie La Page (South Kensington, Londres) de 11h à 12h le samedi 24 septembre pour vous dédicacer notre ouvrage. Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer!!
Florence Dasty

01/08/2011 - lvenanzi said :

Nous sommes à la recherche d'un point de chute à Londre. En attendant, vous pouvez le commander sur notre site
Bien cordialement.
L. Venanzi

31/07/2011 - aniula89-89 said :

Je suis intéressée par ce livre et je me pose la même question que Carole.

30/07/2011 - bruno.bernard said :

Vous pouvez le commander au French book shop à Kensington ils vont en recevoir rapidement ...

29/07/2011 - carole said :

Où peut-on se procurer le livre 'Parlons Affaires' à Londres? Merci!


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