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Marilyn Monroe

Women and Jewellery: an enduring love affair

By Connell Rebecca

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases… what do you ask for on special occasions? To my boyfriend's exasperation, my requests rarely vary. So it is that on my last birthday, when he asked me his standard “what would make you happy” I once more replied: “A piece of jewellery”. He looked at me perplexed, “What, again?!”. I’m pretty certain only a man would have this response. I do not wish to generalise, but I know that where he is concerned, the best gifts are either original or useful. The amount of time he will have spent coming up with the idea and organizing a countryside horse ride and picnic for him will be significant of his love. Equally, buying me a piece of equipment to replace something that is broken is romantic, as to him it shows that he takes notice of the little things. Obviously, I greatly appreciate this, but the whole beauty of jewellery is precisely its total lack of purpose: it is completely and utterly indulgent The truth is, I defy you to find a woman out there whose reaction upon opening a beautifully wrapped box containing a ring would be “Not another one!”.

18K Gold Pendant by Isabelle Langlois
18K Gold Pendant by Isabelle Langlois

But why does jewellery mean so much to us women? Personally, my jewellery box is like an album assembled over the years. It is not organised according to monetary value (indeed, in one compartment you will find a pair of gold and pearl earrings nestled next to the little studs I bought myself from accessorise when I first got my ears pierced- aged 13) nor by occasion (a string of pearls hangs next to a beach shell necklace). I may have more rings than fingers, but each one is unique, each one serves its purpose: there is the worthless copper ring of sentimental value I will occasionally wear when I am feeling nostalgic, the quirky cocktail ring I put on to perk-up an outfit, the expensive statement ring, the ring my boyfriend gave me which I like to wear to remind me of him... the list goes on: each piece has a place in the box and a function in my life.


How do you wear yours?

The fantastic thing about jewelry, of course, is that it can make as much or as little of a statement as you wish, whether you choose to make your multi-stranded necklace the focus of your look, or add a discreet accent of luxury to an outfit with some diamond studs. I have a silver ring and chain which I wear on a daily basis as their simplicity lends itself to all of my clothes- they are not statements more a sort of comfort blanket. On the opposite end of the spectrum I have a pair of outrageously big and bright red coral chandelier earrings around which I have been known to plan an entire look.


Daisy Sautoirs by Pierre de Lune
Daisy Sautoirs by Perle de Lune

Jewels can be used to accent, add colour, sophistication, interest . Younger girls will wear it to feel older and more womanly, older women will use them to add a youthful glow. "The key", as  style queen Sarah Jessica Parker says ,"is in the accessories", and variety as we well know, is the spice of life: plastic, glass, semi-precious, diamonds and gold, there should be something to suit every mood and any occasion.

So next time you partner says "What, again!?", simply answer "Always".

Looking for something different? Whether you are treating yourself or buying for a loved one, these designers have beautiful designs for all tastes and budgets.


Claire de Divonne


Fleur du Désert by Claire de Divonne
Fleur du Désert
by Claire de Divonne


Established in Paris since 2003, Claire de Divonne, is an artist and designer with a degree from the Ecole des Arts Appliqués. She first launched her own brand in London in 1998 to live out her passion for the creation of jewellery. Claire takes inspiration from nature and from her travels to create timeless and sophisticated collections that can be worn on any occasion.

After a number of trips she settled in India, in the beautiful and legendary Gem Palace in Jaipur. Supported by exceptionally talented goldsmiths and artisans in Rajasthan she combines hand-picked gemstones and gold and to simpler effect threads and ribbons. This creates two distinct collections united by their harmony of colours and the playfulness in which the pieces can be worn; both distinctive aspects of her work.
Without restraining her timeless creative instincts, Claire allows every woman the chance to interpret each piece of jewellery at their will, in accordance with their whim.

Calcédoine Violet by Claire de Divonne
Calcédoine Violet by Claire de Divonne

As well as her own personal creations, Claire has designed collections for other brands: Lalique from 2006 to 2008, and Edenly (le Jardind’Eden) in 2009. She also takes orders for limited edition collections.

Claire’s collections can be seen in London through Tyger Glyn, where she has developed a fruitful decade-long collaboration with the Gallery's inspiring Director and Curator, Miranda Rhys Williams.


Perle de Lune


Perle de Lune
Perle de Lune


Passionate about stones, Sandrine Domerq moved to London in early 2000 with her family. Fascinated by coloured stones since her childhood, she went on to study gemology at the prestigious London Gem A university. Two years later she created her own brand named Perle de Lune.

Her designs combine gemstones with beads and precious metal, as well as more fun and affordable items.

Ellispses by Perle de Lune
Ellispses by Perle de Lune

Sandrine Domerq's stunning creations for women are a subtle mixture of colours and materials. The designs underline the beauty of the tailored jewellery as well as the purity of the gold and silver chains. Her body of work reveals unique stones, as was the case in her first exhibition “Le Diamant autrement”. She has also collaborated with department stores and specialized shops both in France and the United Kingdom. Her latest collections are entitled “Frosted” and “Maharani”, a tribute to the Indian city of Jaipur, recognized for its high quality gems.


Frosted 18K Gold by Perle de Lune
Frosted 18K Gold by Perle de Lune

Perle de Lune brings a contemporary style to semi-precious jewellery, an audacious combination which is highly appreciated by the French community.

Price : from £80 to £400


For more information, visit :


Isabelle Langlois


Isabelle Langlois
Isabelle Langlois


Born among precious stones, Isabelle Langlois’ childhood paintings displayed sapphires and moonstone glistening in the rivers. The tradition of her Jura family is stone cutting. Later, she developed a passion for jewels and started imagining them in different colours from her rainbow of precious stones.

Isabelle is convinced that every girl - and lady - is a princess; and what better way to reflect it than beautiful jewellery? Today recognised for her passion of stones and for her gift to associate colours, Isabelle Langlois likes getting qualified as the "Jeweller of the Colour". For her, it is a dream come true.

Ring by Isabelle Langlois
Ring by Isabelle Langlois

Her designs are already popular in Paris, where she recently opened a store at 12 rue de la Paix, and Isabelle Langlois' collections are also available in the United Kingdom, where you can find them in central London at Horton - 10 Piccadilly Arcade - or at Michael Platt in Wimbledon - 1 Church Road.


Other addresses and her main pieces are available on her website:







Passionate about stones and beauty, Anne de la Ville Baugé created TACATAC in 2004. With several jewellery lines already to her credit, her creations harmoniously marry high end with traditional and fancy jewels.

Elegant, sophisticated, easy to wear on any occasion, TACATAC’creations go easily with your other jewels as well as emphasising them.

Looking for something totally unique? Choose your stone and pick your chain, TACATAC will customize a  piece especially for you. Take advantage of the total freedom offered to you by TACATAC to combine any stones, textures & metals, whether you  match them to your eyes, your accessories, your birth stone or those of your children…

Rings by Tacatac

Ruby, sapphires, diamonds, topazes, amethysts, aqua-marine, calcedonians and tourmalines… a dream of colours, lights and brightness!

On gold or silver setting, get your hands, cleavage, ears or wrists illuminated by a thousand lights: these precious or semi-precious stones will catch everyone's eye. “Haute Fantaisie” is a unique collection of original creations at attractive prices to allow you to indulge yourself and spoil those you love.

Rings under £120, from £20 to £200 for earrings, silver bracelet around £20  gold bracelet around £100 and short and long necklaces between £40 and £600 depending yon our choice of stones and metal.

By appointment or check for private venue sales: Tacatac Jewellery is impossible to resist...

For more information



31/03/2011 - said :

I would add to your list Merci Maman which has been set up by a French artist in London a few years ago. She does primarily personalised jewellery and it it absolutely lovely.

16/10/2010 - sandra_shevey said :

What a rude message? Marilyn Monroe was used as a sop for the capitalist society which exploited, robbed, subverted and finally murdered the actress.

She is a genuine working-class tragedy!

How dare you aggrandise her (and yourself) as an example of capitalist consumption?

Sandra Jane Shevey
Author, `The Marilyn Scandal`

This book has just been reprinted and is available at


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