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Are skirts shorter in London?

By No author

Over the years, style across Europe seems to have converged throughout its capitals. Those partly responsible are the plethora of new street stores: your Hennes, Zaras or a little more upmarket Zadig and Voltaires. By aptly funnelling catwalk trends, fashion has been globalised and accordingly, we are becoming more accustomed to trend uniformity. ‘Fashion’ in its unique sense is no longer ‘local’.
Despite this, we thought it could be worthwhile to analyse a number of wardrobe stables in the hope of eliciting some discrepancies, however minute. We thought a little analysis might do our generalisations some good, we also thought ‘keep it simple’. We thus asked a number of interviewees whether they thought Parisian girls were wearing shorter skirts than their London counterparts. A caveat to this particular item: the analysis here runs far deeper than this season’s looks. Indeed, the length of the Parisian vs. the London gal’s skirt is a cultural fixture: are we, as has been traditionally implied, the less lady-like side of the Manche?


London Skirts
London Skirts











Paris Skirts
Paris Skirts










 The voters’ national composition was half French and half British with 71% females and 29% males.
The totally impartial result? As many as 5 out of 6 thought that London girls wore shorter skirts.

So it is now official, when you get off the Eurostar and are in a daze and unsure whether you are in London or Paris, simply check the length of the girls' skirts and it will give you a clue.


11/07/2011 - poeneil911 said :

Good topic, this article express a sense of the different culture of these two countries from the wearing of skirk.


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