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Muslim Woman Wearing Niqab

French-Algerian Accused of Polygamy

By No author

French men are notorious for their philandering ways, but a french muslim recently took patriotism to a new level when he justified his four wives by arguing that it was "the norm" in France for a man to have several mistresses...

Algerian born Lies Hebbadj is being accused of having four wives and of committing benefit fraud by claiming single mother allowance for 12 children. He defended himself by saying that 'This was the French way of life' thus making fun of his adopted country's marital customs. He explained that the women were his mistresses, not his wives. If he is found guilty of practicing polygamy, he could lose his French citizenship. He pointed out that if you could lose your French Nationality for having mistresses then quite a few Frenchmen would find themselves booted out. He has a point.
Dany Boon in The Kway
Dany Boon dans le Kway

The whole story came to light when his wife (the first one), was fined for driving whilst wearing a niqab which restricted her view. If anyone has ever seen Dany Boon in the Kway sketch, you will understand how dangerous this can be (note: Is this one of the reasons why women are not allowed to drive in Saudi-Arabia?)

Of course, the subject is under intense media scrutiny given the current debate taking place around the Burka which President Sarkozy hopes to see banned in France.
France currently has five million Muslims and this underline further the break up between its citizens.


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