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I've Loved you so long

London's Favourite French Film 2009 - The Results

By No author

On Thursday 25th June, London celebrated once more French Cinema at Cine Lumiere in South Kensington. Every year, FranceinLondon organises The London's Favourite French Film Award night ,an evening when Cinephiles and Film distributors get together to witness the results of the public online vote that our visitors have taken part in. The vote is designed to identify which of all the films released in London in the twelve months preceding  has been their favourite French Film of the year overall. The vote this year was particularly difficult given the quality of the films viewed in London.

The audience was able to enjoy the comfort, many of them for the first time, of the newly refurbished Cine Lumiere.  Cine Lumiere closed for six months this time last year to go through a full refurbishement programme. It re-opened in January 2009. Catherine Deneuve was there to present her newly released film: A Christmas Tale by Arnaud Desplechin


Henrietta Foster and Patricia Connell

Henrietta Foster, journalist at the BBC, and Patricia Connell, Managing Director of FranceinLondon were on stage to announce the winners of both the online vote and the competition draw.

The big winner was Philippe Claudel's film, 'I've loved you so long' with the amazing Kristin Scott-Thomas, a very French actress 'Made in England'. (See result table below). Given the incredible reception both from the press and the public this film enjoyed a few months earlier, it did not really come as a surprise.

Finally, the lights went down for the first London screening of 'The First Day of the Rest of Your Life'. This film received three Cesars last February including Best Female and Best Male new comers and Best Editing.

This was a most successful evening and everyone is looking forward to the next edition.

Mike Howes and Ginny Gulati




The Results

1- I’ve loved you so long
2- The Class
3- Priceless
4- Paris
5 -Female Agents
6 -Couscous
7 -Let's Talk About the Rain
8 -A Christmas Tale
9 - Conversations with my gardener
10 - Julia



05/07/2009 - irene.ball said :

I've loved you so long" deserves all the praise and more. Of course Scott Thomas is excellent as always but Elsa Sylberstein is not only delightful but a breath of fresh air.... Not to mention the enchanting little girl!The dialogue is very well written, lean , sharp and warm.
The only flaw in my opinion was the rendition of the song "Dis Quand Reviendras-tu", much inferfior to Barbara.
Irene Ball

03/07/2009 - michaeltheobald said :

I've Loved You So Long deserved the top spot. Kristin Scott Thomas deserves a special award for linking French and British cinema with her unmatchable performances.
I enjoyed the Winners Announcement Evening at the Cine Lumiere immensely and would like to thank the organisers for their generosity.
(Deaf/Sourd) Mike from London/de Londres

02/07/2009 - simon_dev2003 said :

good result, but surprised that couscous did'nt come higher, it was certainly a more enjoyable night out than the class.

02/07/2009 - jocelyne.collot01 said :

"I've loved you so long" is indeed THE film of the year 2008-09. And an excellent choice.
Jo, from France


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