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Le Champagne
Food / Wine

One Thousand and One Champagne: Which one is right for you this summer?

By Maud Fierobe

Champagne is not just a wine: it is a feast for the senses. The soft pop of the cork, the delicate movement of the bubbles and the distinct Champagne aroma makes Champagne a unique and authentic symbol for any form of celebration. But how much do you know about Champagne?
From working the earth to the secrets enclosed in their cellars, wine producers act, orchestrate, imagine and produce the best their local land can offer, for the supreme delight of enthousiasts.

The grapes…

Since 1935, the grapes of only 3 grape varieties, selected for their ability to express the specific characteristics of the Champagne 'terroir', have been authorised for inclusion in making Champagne: Chardonnay, pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir.

- Chardonnay, a white grape which produces delicacy and elegance. It has floral notes and a light and delicate nose. It represents 26% of the vines grown.
- Pinot Meunier, a black grape with white juice, is characterised by its suppleness. It provides the wine with roundness and bouquet. It accounts for 37% of the vines grown.
- Pinot Noir, another black grape with white juice, aromas of red berry fruit, body and strength. This species represents 37% of the vines grown.

The range...

Depending on the composition of the range, which is individual to each producer, a variety of growths are produced. This is one of the reasons that the following mentions are on the champagne labels:

- “Brut” - Dry Non-Vintage (DNV) is generally made from grapes and wines of various types, years and vintages.

- “Demi-Sec”  champagne is slightly sweeter taste as more sugar is added.

- “Le Millésime”: Vintage, a wine with a great character, is created from wines of the same year but only when this year is exceptional.

- "Blanc de Blancs" is a white Champagne made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes.

- “Blanc de Noirs”
is made exclusively from black Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes

- “Cuvées spéciales” - Special Growth is made up of wines from special vines and specific sections of vineyards.

- “Rosé”: Pink is made by macerating black grapes or by assembling white and red wines vinified in a Champagne AOC area.

French Bubbles

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By Maud Fierobe
Founder of Frenchbubbles Ltd
Selects and sells champagne from
independant french winegrowers to UK.



02/07/2009 - tew said :

Bonsoir, Only 3 grape varieties approved for champagne! May I suggest a visit to Champagne Aubry in Jouy-les-Reims who grows grape varieties used to make champagne in the 18th century and long thought to have disappeared: L'Arbanne, le Petit Meslier, le Fromenteau at L'Enfume manquaient. Try his magnificent Champagne Le Numero d'Or 2003 produced from these four grape varieties plus the usual three varieties. It's magnificent! Amicalement, Christopher Tew


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