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French Presidential Visit in the UK

By Patricia Connell

Carla Sarkozy (not Mrs Nicolas Sarkozy as her husband pointed out whilst in London), made the front page of all the national newspapers during their official visit in the UK. She charmed them all and god knows how difficult this can be but how could they possibly not be charmed by this amazingly beautiful and classy woman (despite having been seen naked  the same morning in every single newspaper)? La Carla-mania has started.
The French President did not hesitate to put her forward as one of the best French envoy: She chose the right clothes (Dior), said all the right things and even gave a speech in front of 150 most influential women in the UK and she spoke to all of them.
Will the French in France eventually become as captivated as the French living in London?


13/04/2012 - d.alfafara said :

I'm quite pleased with the information in this one. TY!


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