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Valentine's day
Food / Wine

For a French Valentine’s Day in London

By Louise Catier

Who said that the perfect romantic Valentine’s day should be spent in Paris? Discover all our tips on how to enjoy a French Valentine’s day right here in London without having to worry about the state of the pound.

La Trouvaille

La Trouvaille
La Trouvaille

No need to bankrupt yourself to please your lovely Valentine: La Trouvaille, a quaint French restaurant located in Soho, will offer you a special Valentine’s menu for only £50! And the low price does not mean low quality! Foie Gras, fried scallops with cauliflower mash, fillet of beef with ceps mushrooms, exotic fruits with their chocolate sauce… It sounds delicious, doesn’t it? The final touch: the food is either free-range or organic. I’m sure your tender friend will appreciate your concerns about the environment!

Valentine's Day special menu: 4 courses for £50, inclusive a glass of champagne

Location: 12a Newburgh, Soho, London, W1F 7RR

Tel:  020 7287 8488




Hélène Darroze at the Connaught

The Connaught
The Connaught

If you want to really impress your Valentine and show her/him that nothing is too expensive for her/his wonderful eyes, you should go to the Connaught. With Hélène Darroze, one of the French most distinguished chefs, in control of the kitchen; you can be sure to have amazingly nice and fine food. For this most special of days, she has concocted a wonderful 7-course menu, including for instance a tartare of Scottish scallops, ravioli of duck foie gras from Les Landes, lamb from Les Pyrénées roasted with a truffle crust, and Madong chocolate cream.  

Valentine's Day special menu: 7 courses for £180, including half a bottle of Ruinart Rosé Champagne per guest.

Location: Carlos Place, London W1

Tel: 020 3147 7200



Le Belvédère

Le Belvédère
Le Belvédère

British or French food on Valentine’s Day? That can be a hard issue, especially for a mixed couple. But struggling about the choice of the restaurant on such an occasion would be a shame. So, you should perhaps opt for Le Belvédère, a gorgeous venue located at the heart of Holland Park. Its chef, Billy Reid, offers you a delicious 6-course menu of fine British food with delicious French twists.  enjoy the You would be hard to please indeed if the foie gras, the fillet sea bass with sevruga caviar, or the lobster with garlic butter didn't tickle your taste buds...

Valentine's Day special menu: 6 courses for £75

Location: Abbotsbury Road, Holland Park, London W8 6LU

Tel: 020 7602 1238



The Ledbury

The Ledbury
The Ledbury

With its endless glowing reviews and its mountains of awards, the Ledbury is surely a safe bet for the romantic dinner you have planned with your Valentine. Chef Brett Graham  perfectly speaks the language of haute cuisine: complicated and original concoctions on artfully arranged plates with intense and delicate flavours. I’ll just give you a foretaste of the special menu you’ll be able to enjoy on Valentine’s day: raviolo of chicken and foie gras, loin of lamb roasted in balsamic, buttermilk panacotta with green apple… Already drooling? So book quickly!  

Valentine's Day special menu: Tasting menu for £100 per person, £140 with wines

Location: 127 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AQ

Tel: 020 7792 9090



Orrery Restaurant

Orrery restaurant
Orrery restaurant

If you want to taste some true French cuisine on the 14 February, The Orrery is just the place for you. Head Chef Igor Tymchyshyn and Manger Ismael Nuha invite you to savour wonderful dishes such qs the roast sea scallops with cep velouté, veal medallion with foie gras à la grand-mère and sauce Périgourdine, or deliciously romantic layered chocolate fondant. With the elegant décor, gorgeous views, and perhaps a drink at the intimate bar, Orrery will make your Valentine's Day a night to remember.

Valentine's Day special menu: £85 per person, £125 including Sommelier wine pairings

Location: 55 Marylebone High Street, London W1 U 5RB

Tel: 020 7616 8000



Brasserie Roux

Brasserie Roux
Brasserie Roux

Nothing is better after a romantic Valentine’s dinner than a good play. So, you should perhaps go for a restaurant in theatre land! I would recommend Brasserie Roux, located at Sofitel St James Hotel. Inspired by the notorious French Chef Albert Roux it offers classic French brasserie cuisine at a very reasonable price. Its special menu for the lovers is traditional but effective: poached oysters, foie gras, lobster, beef fillet, mille feuille of chocolate… And to make the mood more romantic, your dinner will be accompanied by live jazz.

Valentine's Day Special Menu: 6 courses for £95 (inclusive VAT and service charges) 

Location: 8 Pall Mall, SW1 Y 5NG

Tel: 020 7968 2900




And what about a French present?

Of course, Valentine’s day would not be the same without a card and a present from your dearest Valentine. Here are our suggestions:
   - Patisserie Valerie offers a hand decorated Chocolate Boxes and gift wrapped chocolate hearts :

   - Lingerie is always a present for him and her. You will find some online:

Organize your own French Valentine's day 

Want a French Valentine's day but don’t have any money to spend because you’re still paying off Christmas or you are one of the many victims of the credit crunch? Well there's no easier way of showing someone you love how much you care than cooking a romantic meal! Here are some ideas of an easy meal for two full of romance... The question is will you make it to dessert?

Ingredients for a night of romance



A bottle of Champagne



A tablecloth

The nicest glasses in the house
Some soft music

For starters:

Smoked salmon and toast or foie gras

Main course

Fillet mignon steak with green beans and sautéed potatoes

Chocolate Fondue from the Anysetiers du Roy served with whole strawberries
Pomme d'amour


It’s easy and very romantic. Enjoy your evening!

Discover also the origins of Valentine's day, and how to be the perfect Valentine 


25/03/2015 - b8ba639ch said :

LOVE the ideas that Kathy & Sugary Flower posted!! I third the fairy tale vote! A back to shoocl theme would be fun toward the end of the summer. You might do a beach or swimming theme that would go along with that common summer past time. I like the idea of some equipment based ones, and I also think a hand molded onigiri theme would be fun. A patriotic theme would be fun for the 4th of July. Transportation would be a fun, as well as animation (like an animated character). Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!


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