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The 23rd French President...

By rebecca elkouby

The 23rd French President

The Champion of the moderate right, 52 year old Nicolas Sarkozy has had his presidential dream fulfilled by the French people, to whom he has promised to return “pride” and “optimism”.  Having beaten socialist rival Ségolène Royal, he is about to enter into his first term replacing the man under whose wing he began his political career: Jacques Chirac.

Nicolas Sarkozy is the 23rd President of the French republic, and the sixth of the 5th Republic.

On Wednesday the sixteenth of May 2007, the newly elected president arrived at the “Elysée” to review the unity of the republican guard who returned him the military honours, and was welcomed by Jaques Chirac.

Shortly after having been taken aside for a private meeting with his former boss, the High Chancellor of the Legion of Honour bestowed upon him the medal of the “Grande Croix”. Notably present were the (outgoing) Prime Minister, the presidents of the Senate and the National Assembly.

Having given his first address as president to the nation, Nicolas Sarkozy then greeted the various others present. Grave-faced and aware of the responsibility now resting on his shoulders, he gave a strongly political speech that was slightly longer than those of his predecessors.

The ceremony continued on the terrace of the park of the Elysée  where he listened to the French National anthem “La Marseillaise” and reviewed the Republican Guard. At the same moment, 21 canon shots were fired from “Les Invalides”.

The next day, Francois Fillon- a close friend of the president and considered a moderate, was named Prime minister by the new head of state who wants to start the reforms immediately.

In the space of two years, he became Nicolas Sarkozy’s right-hand man, and last Thursday, the 17th of May, Francois Fillon became the 19th Prime Minister of the Vth  Republic and was charged with applying the new president’s programme of implementation of change.
He officially took his office after the hang-over from Dominique de Villepin, and said during a short speech“ I will respect all the commitments that we took”.

Fillon`s government consists of 15 ministers, 4 states secretaries, 1 hight agent.
In this government there are 13 men, 7 women; 14 are from the UMP (right), 3 the left, 2 from the centre and 1 independent.
Furthermore, the Prime Minister, Francois Fillon set up 3 priorities
·     “the work`s rehabilitation” wil no larger be taxed.
·      the tax system: cancellation the inheritance tax.
·      the security.

More over, Francois Fillon, promissed to reduce the government deficit and the country`s debt within 5 years.
We need to increase growth and in order to do this we must implement structurel changes which we will start as soon as possible.
Reluctance to do, is exactly where we went wrong in the past. To create change we must not be afraid to act accordingly.


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