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London Fashion Week Feedback

By Alexandra Girard

London Fashion Week 2006 Feedback

The latest London Fashion Week to-date took place between the 18th and the 22nd of September 2006 in various venues of the capital. “SS/07” heralded the new trends for next summer.

This event is organized by the British Fashion Council and is intended to professionals of the industry, be they buyers or press. The role of buyers is to spend the funds allocated by retailers like Selfridges for instance in designer clothes while that of journalists is to convey the information about new developments in fashion, whether it concerns the return of the mac or any other novelty. The fashion economy being the 7th most important at global level, it is certainly everything but superficial, for after all, we all need to dress.

Main characteristics of this presentation :

  • Return of the classics or new basics : “Sloan Square attack” ! Vests, blouses, pearl necklaces, pastel hues, pinstripe, silk scarf worn as a belt or as a bracelet, and deconstructed mac… Discretion is the motto of a generation tired of trying to be original on a worldwide basis. Déjà vu is everywhere but this is what’s interesting because you get to distinguish the true players through this kind of style gymnastics. Note Noel Stewart’s hats, the new Philip Treacy ?
  • The ever coming back 80’s revival, with day-glo and high waist, enough I say!!!
  • Hair: neglected plaits (upper class getting nasty style) and buns.
  • Shoulders still emerge from cute tube tops/dresses.
  • Puff, pleats, layers and flounces replace the draped effect, and everything round is bound to please (shoes, bag shapes, necks).

Attitude gives the silhouette a je-ne-sais-quoi that brings credibility to the fashionista, as long as she is slim, or even skinny, looks unhappy with an effort to magnify her garments, she faints sickness with a pale complexion, as in « No, I am not dead nor on drugs, just super stylish » !)

Creative designers were, (among many others but I only have one page,) this time : Gareth Pugh with his conceptual show which proved that fashion can be intelligent AND wearable ; Manish Arora’s ethno-excentricity stood out from the uniform crowd. This will be a hot summer indeed.

For the general public or mere mortals, the BFC tent awaits us in South Ken’ from the 27 of September to the 1st of October.

Pictures, videos and interviews are to be found at :


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