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La Fromagerie - London

By Patricia Connell

La Fromagerie

Because La Fromagerie was voted one of Londoners favourite French shop, I wanted to find out for myself what was so fantastic about it. First of all, la Fromagerie is rather tucked away from the main busy Marylebone High Street; so not easy to find unless you know of it.

First and foremost, it is a very attractive deli with an amazing selection of cheeses. The rustic décor makes the place very warm and friendly. It’s a pleasure to shop there. Both the friends I was with live in the area and had shopped there on a number of occasions. We went there for lunch on a Friday and one of the people I was with had already eaten there and the other one had tried but without any success. Simple, it’s impossible to book in advance and it’s always packed I’m told. First come first served is the house rule. There are very few places available and the bar is almost none existent but this does not seem to deter the locals We went there expecting to queue but not for nearly an hour it turned out. Having arrived at 12.40 we were not seated until 13.40. By the time we placed our orders, we all had to go.

So what’s so amazing about this place? Is it the reception that you get from Patricia the owner or the food or the service?
Patricia is lovely and really knows her stuff. However, the poor service we received on that day from her new staff really let her establishment down. My friend, who is a vegetarian, had ordered a goat cheese salad and was brought something which definitely looked like meat. It turned out that despite the waiter’s insistence that it was indeed the salad that she had ordered, the salad in question was in fact a guinea foul salad. Trying to avoid a fuss, I agreed to have it instead. I ended up being sorry to have agreed to this: It was sweet and really had nothing spectacular. On the other hand, my friend’s asparagus salad looked much more appetizing.
The meal was a great disappointment and was not worth the wait however, the glass of Sauvignon blanc we were given whilst waiting was delicious.
We had no time for dessert so cannot comment on it.

(They knew we were from and this did not make any difference).

My rating: Very average. Go there only if you know that you will be there for an early or really late lunch. Don’t expect to be able to relax.
We will check it again in a few weeks’ time to see whether it was just a bad day.

Do shop there for cheese and other French goodies!

Contact Information:

La Fromagerie

4 Moxon Street

W1U 4EW London
tel: 020 7935 0341


17/10/2009 - jennysauve said :

The cheese and other food in this place is great and the staff is for the most part very friendly and helpful. The owner, however, is a rude elderly man who can barely even bring himself to scowl at his customers. I used to go quite often (to the Highbury branch) but can't stand to be ignored and barked at by this man any more. Sometimes I walk by and see if he's in there; if not I'll go in but otherwise I just keep walking. He should stay in the back and let his far more competent staff deal with the customers.


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