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The Results for Favourite French Shops voted by Londoners


Results for the

''Favourite French Shops''

voted by Londoners

We have received a great number of votes and we thank all of those who have taken part.
The results are as follows:

Shop Winners:

Number 1

     Number 2
Number 3
La Fromagerie
Maison Blanc
No 4: Patisserie Valérie

No 5: The French Bookshop

No 6: L'Occitane

No 7: La Maison du Chocolat

No 8: Décathlon

No 9: Agnès B. Femmes

No 10: Kookaï

Members comments

Mathilde: "I love LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN ... we want more of them around London please !"

Shirlynn: "I love paul and joe shop. it's so interesting with their window display"

Morgane: " Delicious pastries! delicious bread, no need to go to France, go to Paul!"

Stephanie: " There are so many charming French shops in London. To select only three makes me feel rather guilty about the other favourite shops in London."

Suekirkuk: " So many great shops to chose from, only 3 was quit difficult."

Members Winners:

A pair of return Eurostar tickets: Nathalie Pizzoferrato

One Joy of Wine set offered by worth £48:

Sarah Moury

One return Eurotunnel ticket to France:

Caroline Saunier

DVDs Horseman on the Roof:

Nash Roger
Minkoff Carolyn
Luo Stephanie
Izzard Helen
Hartley Gary
Brake David
Gillespie Alastair
                            David Morgane
                            Jarroussie Julien
                            Grison Faustrolline


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