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Why find a paediatrician who speaks your native language?

By No author

Child's ability to communicate

Your young children may not be able to explain their illness or discomfort in their second language. Their age may also limit their ability to express and understand abstract ideas.  In this circumstances, it could be challenging for both your child and the paediatrician to find solutions to their problem. A paediatrician speaks your language will help ease these worries and reduce the chances of misunderstanding.


Long term care and understanding

A paediatrician treating your child should understand and be able to follow their development throughout their childhood. This includes not only their physical health but also their behaviour and mental condition. Removing the language barrier and being able to speak your own language makes communication so much more straightforward.


Coordinate care between doctors

A paediatrician is also responsible for referring doctors and other practitioners when there is a need for other specialities. A paediatrician who speaks your language can refer your child to other practitioners speaking the same language. There is also a higher chance that they can refer you to practitioners in your own country if needed.


Cultural difference

Different countries have different medical systems and practices. The medical check-up schedule for your child in your home country could be different from that in the country in which you are living. Your country may require a complete medical history for your child. Working with a paediatrician from your own country will help bridge any cultural gaps.


Widening your circle

It will be easier to meet parents from your own country when visiting paediatricians who speak your language. Treat this as a chance to expand your circle and your child could make friends! This can facilitate information flow among parents and give you more opinions and options when looking for doctors, schools and other service providers.


Where do I find paediatricians who speak my language?

You can always start with word of mouth - your friends, relatives and colleagues with kids could help. Another way, clearly is to source through the internet. If you are a French expat residing in London, provides you with a range of French speaking paediatricians to suit your needs, including by location and speciality. The great advantage it has over other websites is that it specialises in French expats. Furthermore, it provides commentary and rating sections so you can access other people’s opinions to help you in your vetting process.  For example, you can search for the speciality you need - e.g. –paeditrician and it will show you the French speaking paediatricians available, together with their professional details, addresses, phone numbers, booking methods and ratings.





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