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Illustrated comics to read this summer: Solange's choice

By Solange de La Page

Every month, Solange from Librairie La Page gives us her reading recommendations. Discover her summer selection of illustrated comic books!

Vive la marée, by David Prudhomme and Pascal Rabaté

Vive La Marée
Vive la marée !

Summer is finally here! By car or by train, holidaymakers arrive in Polovos Place. Children, teenagers, young couples, single people, retired people... there is room for everyone on the wide sandy beach. 

Every reader will recollect in this funny album some holiday memories, some overheard discussions, some summer rituals. Sandcastle contests, ball games, kites, love stories, shrimp fishing, arguments about the lunch menu... stories succeed each other with a hint of humour and some gentle teasing. There are some pure hilarious moments (the boule game), and some completely absurd scenes. Take your time when reading this to be sure you do not miss any of the funny details!

  • Vive la marée, by David Prudhomme and Pascal Rabaté, Futuropolis. 

Un océan d’amour, by Wilfrid Lupano and Grégory Panaccione

Un Océan d'Amour
Un océan d'amour

A bubble-less yet fizzy book! No text, not even the slightest onomatopeia. And yet, this wonderful book is very 'talkative'. It tells the story of a journey on the sea, which takes us from Brittany to Cuba. You will encounter storms, a clairvoyant, pirares, sardines (in a can), a seagull and Fidel Castro, of course. 

Give this book as a gift to your non-French-speaking friends: humour and drawings are universal. 

  • Un océan d’amour, by Wilfrid Lupano and Grégory Panaccione, Delcourt.


Comment rater ses vacances, by Tignous and Gros

Comment rater ses vacances
Comment rater ses vacances

This book is not an illustrated comic, but a selection of 150 humorous drawings, chosen by Gros and Chloé Varlhac, the wife of the French caricaturist Tignous, who was killed during the attacks against Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015. You'll rediscover Tignous's special sense of humour, with a Christ on the cross, asking to be put the other way around to avoid sunburn, and many more jokes that you need to discover yourself. Go and have a look!

  • Comment rater ses vacances, by Tignous and Gros, Chêne. 







You can find all these books (and many more!) at Librairie La Page in South Kensington. 

  • Their June selection here
  • Their May selection here


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