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Let's get ready for summer !
Life and Style

Countdown to the holidays...

By Manon Variol

You will have to wait a bit longer for white sand and coconuts. There are still a few weeks of work before the holidays. It may feel like ages before you can leave for European beaches or faraway places. But now is the time to start the build-up! For great holidays, you need to prepare your body and your mood. You can start thinking about the sun already. Here are 5 tips to be ready for Summer with Monoi! 

Scrub, massage and wax: get your body ready!

Holidays in the sun need planning. Hotel reservation, packing your suitcase... Well, it is the same thing for your skin. Pamper it now to be at your best for the Summer. The Sister Beauty Centre will take care of you with their full body exfoliation and back massage. Not only will you be ready to tan, but you will be beautifully relaxed.

To be bikini ready, do not forget a wax. La Durbin Boutique Salon welcomes you in a romantic atmosphere for an affordable bikini wax. You will have nothing to think worry once you are on the water's edge!

Finally, to feel like you are already in the tropics, put some Monoi of Tiaré from Tahiti on your skin. Its bewitching scent will make the remaining weeks of work seem less painful.

La Durbin Boutique in Fulham
La Durbin Boutique in Fulham

Take care of your hair: it will not let you down

Take care of your hair
Take care of your hair

Your hair can suffer from the sun, chlorinated water and sand. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should start taking care of it now. First of all, no more intensive blow-drying or straightening. In Summer, nothing is better than staying natural! Let your hair dry by itself then spray on some nourishing and protective Klorane mango oilYour hair will be refreshed and will not suffer from UV exposure.

If you plan on leaving for a road trip in Amazonia, it will sometimes be complicated to shower. YDon't go without your dry shampoo! Batiste offers new fragrances for Summer: floral, fresh or tropical.

Detox programme: get in shape with natural products

If you want to be in great shape for Summer, you should take care of your diet. Megan Gilmore proposes 100 recipes to get rid of toxins and lose weight. You will not need to starve yourself: she gives you breakfast ideas, but also main courses, desserts and snacks.

Why not try a tea detox cure with  Wanderteathe French brand based in London? Founded by the French TV host Caroline Receveur, they offer a range of 100% organic teas. Hawthorn, orange peel and black radish will ease digestion. With a balanced diet, you should lose weight and feel better for Summer.

Detox Kitchen
Detox Kitchen

If you do not have time to cook or if you just do not want to prepare food, try The Detox Kitchen. Their chefs will cook you healthy meals, delivered at your door. A minimum of 5 days is mandatory, not necessarily in a row. You have the choice between a protein, vegan or green package. This is perfect to treat yourself without lifting a finger!

For a perfect tan, think protection and moisturise

St. Tropez
St. Tropez

It is well known that sunbathing makes you feel better. But make sure your skin does not suffer! A few precautions will keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

A sticky cream is not really pleasant, especially if you are about to do sports. Garnier offers its Ambre solaire, sweatproof and resistant to water, it also protects from the sun.

Taking care of your skin does not stop at protecting it, you should also think about after-sun products. The pharmaceutical French brand Bioderma released their Photoderm cream to moisturise your body so it does not become dry once you are back home. Ideal to recover from sun damage.

If you do not have the time to get out and enjoy the weather, you can try selftan. Sprays, creams, oils, you can always find the best one for your needs. For people who simply do not have the time, St. Tropez revolutionised selftan with a lotion you apply under the shower. The instructions are clear: wash yourself, evenly spread the lotion on your body, wait 3 minutes then rinse. You can adapt the tan by using it more or less frequently.



Take your swimsuit: sunbathing for all shapes


Unless you want to go on holiday in the far North, you will need a swimsuit! And there is a wide choice. Here are a few suggestions to help narrow your options.

This year, Pain de Sucre offers plain colour swimsuits. Their Donia will enhance your bodyshape. Miles swimsuits will be loved by all bodyshapes with its strapless top. In summary, their swimsuits are simple but effective!

Men can wear colourful Vilebrequin swimwear. All bathers will love their trunks, available from XS to 5XL. You will not go unnoticed on the beach with these striking colours!


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