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BB Boat
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Tea for two… on the BB boat on the Thames?

By Manon Variol

Are you planning to have tea with friends in a café? A little cliché..non! How about having tea on a boat? BB Bakery offers you the opportunity to rediscover the traditional afternoon tea wrapped up with a French touch whilst sailing down the Thames. Let’s embark for a new tasting experience!

The Palace of Westminster from the BB Boat
The Palace of Westminster from the BB Boat

BB Bakery is above all a family story. No link with the famous Brigitte Bardot. “BB is for Brigitte, my wife”, says Philippe Bloch, the bakery’s founder, “she deals with  marketing, decoration and giving a feminine atmosphere to the shop. Our son also works with us, taking care of the buses.” And if BB Bakery’s name rings a bell, maybe it is because you have already seen one of their afternoon tea buses driving along London streets every day. 

The BB Afternoon Tea
The BB Afternoon Tea

For more than a year now, the BB Bakery has been proposing boat tours, generally once a month, to see London in a different way while enjoying Betjeman and Barton's tea (another BB!). In a chic and relaxed atmosphere, you will be able to observe the Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Westminster Palace from the upper deck with a glass of prosecco, then go to the restaurant and taste the “mignardises”. On the menu: quiche, sandwiches, cupcakes, macarons and scones, all freshly prepared by the BB pastry cooks. With unlimited prosecco, tea and pastries, for more than two hours, the passengers are pampered! 

The tour takes place in a convivial atmosphere. The tables for six are conducive to discussions and the (mostly French) staff are ond hand to advise the passengers and chat. Some members of the crew are former employees of the Pâtisserie des Rêves. They were quickly hired after the latter closed at Easter. “Nothing is easy,  in any field and it takes a lot of work” Philippe Bloch commented, “you must not rely on a famous name. It is necessary to constantly innovate and propose new experiences.”

Speaking of new experiences, the BB Bakery has a lot of projects. One of them is changing their name to Brigit Bakery, “so there is no confusion with Bardot” Philippe confessed. Then the Bloch family wants to open bakeries throughout the world: New York, Tokyo, Dubai… And why not serving tea during a carriage ride? At the BB Bakery, there is no shortage of ideas!

The BB Afternoon Boat Tour: £75 per person. The boat is also available for private hire.

You can ask for gluten free, vegetarian or halal petits fours.

Next dates: 31 July and 13 August.

To book an afternoon tea on the BB Boat, please visit their website.

The BB Boat Tour map
The BB Boat Tour map


13/05/2016 - accueil said :

Ça fait trop envie !!! L'idée est originale, les gâteaux ont l'air délicieux ! à garder en tête pour notre prochaine visite à Londres ...


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