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Picturehouse central

Going to the cinema? Take Bailey and Bella with you!

By Manon Variol

Imagine a screening room of 350 seats, packed with people… and dogs. This is going to happen at Picturehouse Central. This cinema, in the heart of London is welcoming dogs with  their owners on 11 May for their “Dogs gone crazy!” season. On the agenda: 8 days of film screenings focusing on relationships between humans and their four-legged friends, including one screening during which the dogs will have their own seats.

Picturehouse Central near Picadilly Circus
Picturehouse Central near Picadilly Circus

Between 5 May and 18 May, Picturehouse Central will show 8 films dealing with dogs, their owners and their emotions. Losing your best friend, having fun with your dog or getting through difficult times together, these films talk about the love a pet can give and how important it can be in our life. On 11 May, you will be able to take your favourite pet with you to watch "Heart of a Dog". Laurie Anderson, the director, will be at Picturehouse Central on that evening for a Q&A before the screening of her film, inspired by the loss of her pet rat terrier Lolabelle. Dog lovers will have the opportunity to discuss with this experimental artist, who created parts of her artwork around "man’s best friend".

Picturehouse Central general manager Daniel André never leaves without his dog Darcy (in the top photo). Darcy is always at his side, either at work or elsewhere. He and programming director Clare Binns got the idea of “Dog gone crazy!” when he heard of Laurie Anderson playing a concert for dogs in New York’s Time Square. “The dogs were actually listening because she adapted the music for them and made sure there were tunes that did not irritate them” Daniel explained. A very interesting concept for him, who takes every opportunity to bring his pet outside his house: “In France, we can take our dogs to the restaurant. So we thought : “Why not take them to the cinema?” And if this season appears to be a success, why not have another one later, maybe for other types of animals?

Enjoy a film with your best friend on 11 May for the price of a normal screening. Don't worry, your dog goes free! Dog lovers without any pet are also welcome.

For further information, please visit Picturehouse Central's website.

Picturehouse Central

Corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Great Windmill Street, Piccadilly

London W1D 7DH

Tel : 0871 902 5755


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