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Les Fréro Delavega

With their new album, Fréro Delavega will take you elsewhere

By Manon Variol

With their second album "Des Ombres et des Lumières" (UK release on 8 April), Fréro Delavega keep their acoustic signature, with songs that resemble them: simple, modest, without frills. Mixing jazz with reggae, violin with guitar, but always staying smooth, this CD is full of pleasant surprises. Its many memorable melodies and lyrics are a feature of Fréro Delavega's music and the keys to their success.

This is their second album in two years. This seems quick, but this doesn't bother Jérémy Frérot, the youngest of the two friends. "We take the time to rest, as our heads need to be clear to work", he says. "When the first album came out, we already had songs for the next one." Their life experience also is an inspiration for them: "we grow, we discover new things that we want to talk about on stage. It is important for us to sing about new subjects, more serious, with more than one meaning. We don't just talk about girls!"

Jérémy Frérot
Jérémy Frérot

Even though they sing being “entre ciel et terre” (“between sky and earth”), Fréro Delavega keep their feet firmly on the ground. They have played together in French and Belgian bars for years, and became famous thanks to the internet. They first emerged when they sang for The Voice TV show in 2013. At the beginning of their audition, it was already a huge success. Even the singer MIKA was seduced by their talent and insisted that they join his team. Since then, their lives have been in the spotlight. Jérémy and Flo are 25 and 28 years old and have sold more than 500,000 CDs in two years, but remain humble. “We were told to be stars, but we didn’t feel different at all. We are simple people,” Jérémy says, “we try to make this media explosion more human.”  Surprisingly for his young age, the singer tends to relativize: “celebrity is ephemeral. We are aware this will stop one day. So then, we will remain humans, not stars at the end of their lives.

To write their music, the two artists are spontaneous. No need to stay in a room for hours to find inspiration. A melody comes in mind, or good lyrics, each of Fréro Delavega writes when he finds something interesting, then shows it to his friend. Jérémy is curious, and, to find the perfect musical arrangement, listens to different music styles. “I try to know what is done elsewhere, to separate the different parts of a piece of music and take what I like. I force myself to listen to a little bit of everything. For instance, I don’t like jazz, but I want to know what happens there to know if I’m inspired,” explains the young singer while smiling. 

Jérémy Frérot and Flo Delavega
Jérémy Frérot and Flo Delavega

The friends will be in London on 19th and 20th April for two concerts at Nell’s Jazz and Blues. It will be their first time in the UK. “It is great to be able to travel thanks to music.There will probably be a French public in London, but they have an Anglo-Saxon culture, which can be a very different experience from what we have known in France.”


17/03/2016 - accueil said :

Jolie plume ! léger et pétillant comme les Fréro !

10/03/2016 - myriam said :

Thank you so much


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