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Axelle Despiegeleare

L'Oréal hires "the most beautiful supporter of the World Cup"

By Etienne Bennequin

Are you one of those spiteful tongues who accused FIFA of showing too many female supporters carefully selected according to specific beauty criteria ? I bet that you had imagined a horny cameraman spending all his time zooming on the prettiest girls in the stadium. You were wrong. This man or this woman is building destinies.

You have probably heard of Axelle Despiegelaere, a young Belgian supporter who is the most famous victim of the voyeurism that has come with this World Cup. After her short appearance on TV and seen by millions all around the world during the Belgium-Russia, she was named “most beautiful female supporter of the World Cup“. Several Facebook pages in her honor were created and now have a fan base of around 300,000, while she's had to decline several marriage proposals – since the young lady is still a minor one can wonder if it is moral to make her a sex-symbol, but there is no doubt that it is absolutely illegal to marry her.

What is happening here is really interesting because it is pushing the limits of the concept of buzz. Axelle Despiegelaere is obviously not the first one whose image is going around the world dispite herself, but she is the first one who didn't do anything : she didn't say a single word or do a single action, she was just being. It's even unlikely that she was the prettiest girl in the stadium - 73 531 places in the Maracana - and I could say almost certainly that nothing would have happened if one had just met her in the streets, taken a picture of her and published it on social networks. A few seconds on millions of people's TV screen - generated a lot of activity on Facebook and Twitter - hashtags #sexy and #hot were mentionned a lot the day of the game - and many other photos came into circulation while many medias considered the phenomenon was interesting enough to write about it and made it even bigger.

She describes herself her new popularity as an “ephemeral buzz“ – we dared not say it. It seems like L’Oréal is taking her seriously : the french cosmetics giant posted a promotional clip on Youtubeshowing the Red Devils supporter having her hair styled for over a minute.

One can notice that there is at this time something new happening at l'Oréal : their new muse didn’t grow up to be a model, she didn’t spend her childhood entering in Mini-Miss contests and learning how to hold herself and walk gracefully. She wasn’t either a famous actress or singer, or a “WAG“, reconverting herself in modeling. If she is confirmed to be working with L’Oréal, she would become a whole new kind of model, who would bring smiles and freshness instead of mystical inaccessibility – plus one could notice that Miss Despiegelaere shares with every celebrity 2.0 this huge quality of being famous and cheap. Thus it is easily seen that this clip has totally different point from advertisements like those with Eva Longoria waving her gorgeous hair and stating a seductive “because I’m worth it“. The young girl here comes wearing a grey sweater like every girl actually owns, smiles, listens carefully to the stylist’s explanations, and marvels at her beautiful hair.

And that is how the dream came true for this girl from Tournai, in the French-speaking region of Belgium. Only one month ago, she was sadly studying and sharing the boring life of every girl of her age – 17 ; did I specify that she is a minor ? – but thanks to FIFA’s naughty camera she can now enjoy the delights of fame. Delight Selection on Youtube : “Let’s fuck her !“ exclaims minimas1, as Mark Stark “would gladly nail her“. Others are indignant like Yorick D’Hoir («“When bitches come out …“) or Skrilleks who finds her “not partilarly brilliant“ - we are sure that he knows her enough to judge such matters.

All we can wish the so cheerful Axelle Despiegelaere is enjoying as much as she can her new – and maybe ephemeral – position, to earn some money to finance her studies or persue a career in modeling if this is what she likes, to avoid the disparaging comments from rude unwholesome or omniscient sanctimonius people and relish the really cute declarations of love that fans send her by Facebook and Twitter.


17/07/2014 - s.pollock-hill said :

An interesting article. Does this mean that Andy Warhol's quote "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes", a modern day version of the Elizabethan phrase "a nine day wonder" is now speeded up to "15 seconds of global TV appearance"?


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