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Sun's Out, Bikinis Out!

By Margot Cadic

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are round the corner and trips to the beach and the pool will probably be on the agenda. Time to check out the new bikini and swimsuit trends that will fit your shape best!

First of all, to determine your shape observe your overall body figure. Here are the most common shapes:

· If your shoulders are wider than your waistline and hip line: you are an Inverted Triangle!

· If your hips are wider than your shoulders and waistline: you are a Pear/Triangle!

· If your hips and shoulders are the same width and your waistline a lot smaller: you are an Hourglass!

· If your shoulders, waistline and hip line are about the same size: you are a Rectangle!

· If your shoulders and hip line are about the same size, and your waistline is the same size or wider than your shoulders and hips: you are an Apple/Oval!


Now that you are aware of your figure type, here are this summer’s trends which you might like to try.

The High Waste

This is probably one of the main trends this year, one which has gained popularity since last summer. Whether its monochrome, neon, or patterned, the high waste should definitely be an option for your holiday.

Best Body Type: High waist suits most body shapes, but is particularly flattering for curvy figures such as Hourglass or Pear.  As long as you choose a dark colour for your bottom piece it’s a great way to cover your stomach and look slimmer. However, if you decide to go for a brighter shade for the bottom keep in mind it will attract attention, so having a flat stomach in that case would be best.



The Ruffles

Whether they are big or small, added as a detail or embellishment, ruffles are another trend that has come back this year on our swimsuits. If you are in search of a feminine design, ruffles could be of great appeal to you.

Best Body Type: Ruffles increase volume of the particular body part. Therefore it is usually recommended for slim figures with curves that are not very apparent. So if you are a Pear shape and would like to increase the volume of your upper body, then a ruffle bikini top could be for you. However if you are an Apple shape it's advised that you don't wear ruffles.


The Bib

This novel shape seems to be very present this summer. It’s a cute design which should be recommended for younger women in colourful shades.

Best Body Type: If you are unhappy with your stomach this is probably not the best design for you. Also, women with a Rectangle frame or large breasts may not look the best with this particular design.



Fringes may be an option to consider adding to your swimsuit collection if you’re tired of just monochrome bikinis or one-pieces, and want to be more original on the beach.

Best body shape: Since the fringes are most likely to be set on your top half it really depends on whether you want to bring attention to it. This trend suits all body types.

The Sailor or ‘Mariniere’

It’s a timeless style. The design made famous by Jean-Paul Gaultier is now adapted to swimwear where it will most certainly be received with the same success.

Best Body Type:  Stripes may be difficult to pull off by some shapes. However vertical stripes, contrary to what you might think, do not make you larger. Obviously this varies depending on the size of the stripes, but generally all body shapes should be safe with this very ‘French’ design.


The Pin-up Look

Think all these glamorous models and cinema stars of the 50s, with their curvy figures. These designs will make you feel sexy and desirable. Polka dots, high waist, buttons and top straps which close at the neck are some of the major characteristics of the ‘Pin-up’ look.  

Best Body Type: Curvy shapes are once again more flattered and put to their advantage. However the ‘Pin-up’ look will look great on all women.





Geometric Designs

You may not like geometry as a subject, but the designs which result from it can be stunning. If you want to stand out with unusual patterns, then add this style to your wardrobe soon.

Best body shape: The geometric patterns on the swimwear can be dramatically different and cover a whole range of designs which make it very hard to define exactly which type of body shape it would suit best. However it is a general consensus that most geometric designs will bring attention to that particular body part and enlarge it slightly. Therefor all figure types may wear it, however Apple, Pear and Reversed Triangle may want to be careful how the design appears on them, and choose a swimsuit that is only partially covered by the geometric shapes.

  Ethnic Patterns

Always a popular trend, ethnic patterns return again with some beautiful designs and colours which will look great with your tan.

Best body shape: Colourful patterns always attract the eye’s attention. Therefore, avoid using these ethnic patterns on parts of your body you want to hide and place it instead on the part (whether it is top or bottom) that you like the most.





A touch of shimmer

Feeling like you want to go for something a bit more elegant and glamorous? Add shine to your swimwear and stand out in the crowd.

Best body shape: Recommended for all apart from maybe Inverted Triangle as one-piece swimwear may enhance the shoulders of the figure and be slightly unflattering.





This set of swimwear is far more impressive in terms of its design. If you’re searching for something different and elegant at the same time, then maybe you should consider one of these intricate pieces.

Best body shape: These designs are very difficult to wear unless you are a slim individual with little curve. Hence slim Rectangle shapes and slim versions of the other figure types are those recommended.





Although they may seem appealing to you right now, if you actually wear one in the sun you will probably end up like this…


Now that you know all the main trends this summer, go shopping and look stunning on the beach!


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