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How to deal with a hangover

By Etienne Bennequin

If you like to party – and in this case I recommend you buy a ticket for the amazing Bastille Day Ball coming up on July 16th – and if, as with most people watching the World Cup, you can’t imagine celebrating without alcohol, then I bet that you've had a few really bad wakeups. I am concinced that there were some morning afters when you swore that you would never drink again. Fireworks were going off inside your head and you knew exactly what it was: a really bad hangover. Why did you do that to yourself ? Did you follow the raver’s number one rule ? Drink loads of water, before, during and after your night out.

A couple of days ago, I wanted to help a colleague of mine who had a serious hangover, I looked into cures for hangovers and found some very interesting ideas. A Chinese fruit named gouki is for instance known for having surprising hangover curing properties, especially when you drink it with an oolong tea with honey, lemon and some vinegar. It also seems that certain people are mixing both the “disgusting“ with the “miraculous" cures. According to the Daily Mail, in Mongolia sheep's eyeballs in tomato juice are regularly used to fight hangovers, whilst Hungarians prefer to use sparrow droppings in brandy and the Sicilians eat “Pizzles“, which are nothing but dried bull penises .

I was focusing on English hangover cures, because this is a vital part of English culture, I learned the expression “the hair of the dog“, and it surprised me to hear that some people actually did drink alcohol to cure their hangovers, because it seems to be the stupidest thing one can do. Then I was pleased to read that Newcastle University published a study finding that a bacon sandwich was the best hangover cure. But I also found amongst some of my Bristish friends devouring a full English breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding, hash browns and baked beans could be a good recipe in case of a hangover.

What about French recipes ? I've never known any hangover cure as typically French. In France there are some people drinking lemon juice and some people drinking coffee – which is not recommended after drinking alcohol because your liver won’t like it – like in any other country. So I did some research and found a few disturbing ways to deal with hangover which would be typical French ways. The first hypothetic recipe could be called “combattre le mal par le mal“ which is the French equivalent of “the hair of the dog“, since it includes sugar, eau de vie and coffee. The French would also try to  cure their hangover with French onion soup, cassoulet, or rat poison! which definitely wins the prize for most outlandish hangover cure.

So here you go, you now have a new inventory of methods to fight those headaches. I would let the bravest try them all, and advise the others to drink water, eat bacon and rest, because that's what Sundays are for.


27/07/2014 - mathias said :

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