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The Artist The Artist


Is French cinema special?

Last week I asked students starting a new class in French cinema ‘what was so special to them about French films?’ The answers were what I expected. The group though of different ages, backgrounds and from a variety of countries including one French woman) were all in agreement. They all found French films intelligent, innovative, edgy, thoughtful and challenging. I gave them my usual health warning that for every 'The Artist' there are at least twenty lightweight features that will never be shown at Cannes or leave France (quite rightly in most cases). But they were right, what we see represents the best of world cinema.

Picturehouse central Picturehouse central


Take your dog with you to see a film

Imagine a screening room of 350 seats, packed with people… and dogs. This is going to happen at Picturehouse Central. This cinema, in the heart of London is welcoming dogs with their owners on 11 May for their “Dogs gone crazy!” season. On the agenda: 8 days of film screenings focusing on relationships between humans and their four-legged friends, including one screening during which the dogs will have their own seats.

Joan of Arc's ring Joan of Arc's ring

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc’s ring: on the verge of a new Hundred Years' War

History can sometimes be ironic. While the English thought they had got rid of Joan of Arc once and for all, she has returned to haunt historians. Her ring is reviving quarrels between the French and the Brits. Sold for £300,000 (€376,000) to the history-themed park The Puy du Fou, the ring has been back on the other side of the Channel since March. But a tax could change its fate, as the British government demands its return.